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Our unconditional love for something unique, our enthusiasm for the unexplored and our great passion for travelling triggered our beginning. Having already travelled over the world during the World Party TV show, we gained a lot of knowledge. Making friends around the globe after staying on ships, in tents and jungles…using the same means of transport the locals use and trying to become acquainted with each country’s everyday life, not the tourist one, led us to the conclusion that there may be a different, unconventional way to travel.
This kind of idea, we ‘d like you, the restless travellers who always seek different paths to discover the world, to embrace… So, are you one of those individuals that the mere idea of travelling ”excites you”? Do you plan your free time or your leave of absence just to travel somewhere you have never been before? Then, welcome to the club. The addicted travellers’ club.
Get out of the comfort zone and travel in a way that neither the traditional, stale travel agencies can provide nor you, due to the fact that you are going to face many difficulties in planning the trip by yourself. A way to make the most of this experience without giving a fortune away.

This is exactly what the ”World Party Traveller” is about. Our attempt to share these experiences, first-hand, and place you to the traveller’s position.




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